I am Amazing…or am I?


When I first came across this quote, I saw it in a Facebook group, run by the lovely, Elva Li. I felt like the post was meant for me, but immediately doubted myself when I remembered my (then) current situation in life. I mean, I didn’t have a job, no place of my own, and illegally driving my car. There’s nothing “amazing” about that, so what was I kidding by telling myself that lie?

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The UN-Cool Kid




As long as I can remember, I have always been an outcast. I’ve never fit in anywhere, and to this day, I still don’t. FOR example, the words that best describe me are as follows: eccentric, misunderstood, freak, bizarre, peculiar, and just plain ole WEIRD. So let me tell you why…

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Tokyo Drifting

Back in 2008, I was checking my MySpace account and came across an interesting individual by the name of Tokyo Diiva. Someone on my friends list shared the link to a song she made for the Bad Girls Club and I immediately fell in love with her look and her sound! Apparently the producers of the show did as well, because it was the theme song for seasons 2 through 15!

Photo Credit: @tokyodiiva

Until recently, I had no idea where her name originated from exactly, but if you know anything about the fashion industry in Tokyo, you would understand with one glimpse of her. Her eccentric, yet original, style speaks volumes without her ever having to mention her name.

Photo Credit: @tokyodiiva

This beautiful lyricist (who absolutely hates to be called a rapper) lives a jet-setting life that most would envy. One minute, she’s in Jamaica, then Spain, Miami, NYC, LA, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and then back home to Norway! I mean, who wouldn’t want to travel the world and get paid to do it? And since she’s only in her 20s and has her whole life in front of her, why not enjoy it?

Photo Credit: @tokyodiiva

Her style has elements of the 80s, 90s, and the next millennia incorporated into it without looking as if she’s trying too hard. What’s even better is that her Instagram feed is full of mind-blowing images that are just as lavish and luxurious as she is – and her IDGAF attitude makes her even more captivating!

Photo Credit: @tokyodiiva

With inspiration from Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, & Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman, it’s no wonder why she’s a force to be reckoned with. And I believe that one day she’ll take over the world — bunny ears and all.

Photo Credit: @tokyodiiva

Back to Back

From my birthday in 2015 until the end of 2016, I hit a very low point in my life. I dealt with another unplanned pregnancy, the loss of a government job, getting rid of a toxic ex, getting put out of my grams house (which I do not blame her for), moving in with my best friend, getting harassed by the police, getting evicted from my own place, and MORE family drama.

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Minimizing My Makeup Collection

Photo Credit: Google

The average woman owns 40 makeup products, yet will only use 5 on a daily basis – meaning that she owns up to eight times more than what she actually uses. And although I have never considered myself “average”, I will say that the number of products I own is halfway there — BEFORE you add in the tools I use. Yet as I’m writing this, I’m making a mental list of what I can purge because I can’t be a minimalist if I’m hoarding things, right? Continue reading

Guts Over Fear (Pt. 2)

For the longest, I have heard a quote from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that states, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”. And when I first heard that, I thought, “How could anyone be scared to go after their dreams?” I felt that if you knew what you wanted out of life, fear should have no place in your heart because passion would fill it instead. Yet that was my thought process until I experienced that fear and now my outlook has completely changed. Continue reading