One day I was with my mom at the doctor, and I noticed two teens that were so wrapped up in their phones that they didn’t care about anything going on around them. Looking at them made me realize that I’m guilty of it when I wake up and check all of my social media notifications, or I’m at a family function and I’m glued to my phone.

But that’s when I asked myself — is this all our generation cares about? Are we so inadequate in communicating with one another face-to-face that we can only socialize through social media? I mean, what happened to calling someone and listening to their voice instead of texting? Are we really that scared of one another? Is it really too daunting of a task to leave our online friends ONLINE in exchange for real ones? Or is it that we’ve become too lazy to put forth the effort to engage in human interaction?

Either way, I suggest we all take a day to break away from social media, even technology in general, and spend time with one another before it’s too late and we lost that connection. After all, it can’t hurt to unplug sometimes, can it? You decide…

Peace, Love, Blessings, & Hugs,

Freddie G.

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