I’m a Barbie Girl! (or am I?)


Growing up, I didn’t have many friends. So the best way for me to cope with that was to play with my Barbie dolls. Luckily for me, there was a doll tat resembled me from m complexion to my long legs, even all the way down to my relaxed hair. 

But thanks to the partnership between Barbie and Zendaya, there is a different version of the doll (hopefully to be release soon) that resembles a lot of the women in family as far as hair texture goes. Zendaya took to Instagram with a snapshot of a side-to-side profile with the caption:

When I was little I couldn’t find a Barbie that looked like me, my…how times have changed. Thank you @barbie for this honor and for allowing me to be apart of your diversification and expansion of the definition of beauty.


Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Yet not too long after the news broke, Demi Lovato tweeted to the company asking them to create a curvy doll and offering herself as the model, but instead received a ton of backlash from fans on Twitter.

Demi Lovato Twitter

Demi Lovato Twitter

Now I wouldn’t necessarily say that she was hating or throwing shade, but regardless of her intent, it was definitely bad timing. It also has made her appear jealous, especially if you consider the fact that she has since deleted the tweet and has yet to comment on the situation or congratulate Zendaya.

All in all, I want to say kudos to Zendaya and I hope that she succeeds in all that she sets out to do. But what do you guys think about the situation? Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time…

Peace, Love, Blessings, & Hugs

Freddie G.

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