New Year…New Beginning…

If you have seen my latest video above, then you know why I have been absent from my blog, as well as my channel. But for those of you who don’t feel like watching, let me fill you guys in!

So, on October 2, 2015, I posted a video entitled, “Why Am I Single?!??” Needless to say, as of December 19, that is no longer an issue – although to me, it never was. But that’s not the only reason I’ve been away for so long! On October 16th, my family suffered a great loss when my cousin (Lt. Carl Anderson Sr.) passed away suddenly from a heart attack. He was such a well-loved person and it took a toll on so many people – myself and my daughter included.

But two days after his funeral, I discovered something unexpected, yet amazing – I was pregnant! There were so many emotion rushing through my body, and even a time where I didn’t want to go through with it. I made sure that the father was aware and he seemed to be on board with it, until he bailed on me two weeks later. I felt crushed and mad at myself for putting myself in this situation a second time.

Yet I’m too determined to let that stop me, so I’ve been doing as much as I can to prepare for my little person. One of the driving forces in my decision of continuing with my pregnancy was my daughter’s excitement of having a baby brother or sister. Her excitement, along with the support from friends and my beau, has helped me to look at the positive side of my situation and I’m blessed to be granted the opportunity to grow life inside of me when there are so many others that can’t.

Yet nothing good lasts forever and with life comes death. Almost two months after my amazing discovery, my grandfather passed, and it hit me a lot harder than I thought it would. Yet one of the things that helped me was that despite our differences, we were on good terms and I got to him and talk to him the day before he died. And to make matters worse for my daughter, she lost her grandfather (her dad’s father) at the beginning of the year. But through it all, my daughter and myself have persevered and managed to jump over the hurdles that have presented themselves in the past few months.

And with that being said, I just want to say thank you for all the love and support I’ve received from friends and family. Also, a big thank you to viewers that have reached out to me that wanted to know where I went and when I would be back. It meant so much to me that you guys cared enough to check up on me and I really appreciate it. Also, I know I’m a bit late, but I want to say Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that you had a great holiday and that we all will conquer any and everything we set out to do! Until next time…

Peace, Love, Blessings, & Hugs,

Freddie G.



Lt. Carl E. Anderson

Lt. Carl E. Anderson

Henry Lee Guy

Henry Lee Guy

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