What Is Women’s History Month? (And Why Is It so Important?)


For those of you that may not be aware, March is Women’s History Month, and it is also the same month that celebrates International Women’s Day. And just as Black History Month started out, Women’s History Month was only a week-long celebration that acknowledged and gave recognition to the contributions women have made for the entire human race. It continued for five years before officially becoming a month-long celebration, and International Women’s Day also became a part of it after being celebrated at the end of February for 100 years.

But why is Women’s History Month is so important? Put it this way – a lot of the things we have worked so hard for has been overlooked or we have been treated as if our voices shouldn’t be heard (or that our opinions don’t matter) because we’re too weak or emotional. Because of this, it is extremely important that we are recognized for the many things we have to make the world a better place. And it is equally important that we as women use this time, as well as the rest of the year, to uplift one another so that we may continue doing the great work we’ve already done.


Yet some may wonder – “What exactly is a woman?” If you were to look it up in the dictionary, you’d be surprised to find more than one definition. Yet the main definition that most would identify (or agree) with would have to be – an adult, human female. But is that all there is to it? Of course not! So, why does something like International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month exist? The answer is simple, really…

Albeit, the main definition is true, the reason that it is the main definition is one of the many reasons why. As a woman, it’s disappointing to know that so many men have been celebrated while women have been put on the back burner, regardless of the fact that we birthed these “amazing” men and “founding fathers”. After all, even though she was a virgin, Mary DID give birth to Jesus, right?

Despite what people may think, we are more than what society defines us as. We are caretakers, a shoulder to cry on, supportive, and nourishing. Yet we are also fighters, protectors, and downright bad asses! There is no correct, nor single, definition for what a woman is. But the best one yet? QUEEN.

So, in honor of all the women out there, I will choose a #WednesdayWoman to share with you that inspires me and will hopefully inspire you, too. And because it is so important to me that women uplift other women, this will continue not just for the remainder of this month or year, but indefinitely. Because you can’t know history until you know HER story…


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