Fashion Crush…Woman Crush…

Photo Credit: Keicia Shanta

Photo Credit: Keicia Shanta

When it comes to making moves in the fashion world, you wouldn’t expect a single mom of 3 to be a part of it, now would you? Yet that is exactly what Keicia Shanta is and she’s actually doing it a lot better than most millennials in the industry…

Getting her start as a blogger with Urbanham (an urban lifestyle, entertainment site) is where this lovely lady came across celebrity stylist, Ryan Christopher, and fashion designer & author, Perry Varner. Through her interactions with the two and her experience in blogging, she was able to get her own insight of the fashion industry in Birmingham and branched off on her own. After joining IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers), she had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week, where she got “a first-hand view of the collections and designers and [she] was hooked from there.”

Her journey allowed her to come into contact with another Alabama designer, Heidi Elnora – who at the time was putting together what is now known as Birmingham Fashion Week. And since her blog (Fashion Crush Weekly) was one of the first independent blogs in Birmingham, she had the privilege to cover Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville fashion weeks.

Birmingham Fashion Week 2015 Photo Credit: Fashion Crush Weekly

Birmingham Fashion Week 2015
Photo Credit: Fashion Crush Weekly

And if blogging weren’t enough, she also started her own modeling agency where she worked with young models that didn’t fit normal industry standards. These things only brought more opportunities, such as collaborations with Belk and Gus Mayer, which caught the eye of Diane von Furstenberg’s Atlanta boutique. She even recently launched the Fashion Crush Weekly app which focuses on everything fashion and beauty related, and even hosts events and giveaways!

Fashion Crush Weekly App (available in the App Store & Google Play)

Fashion Crush Weekly App (available in the App Store & Google Play)

When I asked what drives her, she responded,

My children and family are what drives me. My goal is to have a business that I can leave to my children, so that they can leave it to their children. It’s hard at times being a mom and running a business, because as kids get older you think they need you less, but it is the complete opposite. I just know that I live and breathe for their happiness and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Right now we have the opportunity to build our own destiny and change the world’s perception of Birmingham [and] I want to be a part of that movement.

And that you are, ma’am…that you are…

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