My Last Post…

As stated in the video below, I’ve decided that this will be my last video explaining why I’ve been gone. It is time for me to create consistent content so that I won’t continue to make “Sorry” posts and videos. But for those who have watched the video prior to this one, the reason for my absence this time is pretty much the same – work and pregnancy (although most of it has been due to the pregnancy). I’ve had more complications than I can count and although I’m not rushing him, I’m just ready for it all to be over.

One thing that I did not mention in the video was that two months ago, they discovered that Liam was suffering from having a single umbilical artery (or SUA) and that there was more amniotic fluid than there should be. And a little over a month ago, I found out that I have gestational diabetes (which explains the excessive amount of fluid). My doctor also told me that since my sugar levels were so high, it could actually be Type 2 Diabetes, yet the tests to confirm that won’t be given to me until 6 weeks after I have him. Then to make matters worse, it’s possible that I won’t be able to have him vaginally because of how big he may be. I mean, just the thought of having a C-section is a bit terrifying to me, but if it’s the best option, I’m going to go with it. Yet through it all, I’m doing my best to remain strong for him and for Abby.

Another thing I have been doing is actually creating content for my brand and scheduling posts so that everything will flow a lot smoother and I won’t have the opportunity to slack off and get so far behind! It’s been a bit time consuming, but it has been so worth it because I have accomplished so much and have so much lined up for you guys to enjoy! So with that being said, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Peace, Love, Blessings, & Hugs

Freddie G.


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