The Ultimate Wednesday Woman

The date: October 22, 1988. The time: 10:10 am. The event taking place? My birth.

Whether she was ready or not, my mother’s life had just changed forever, and almost three weeks early on top of that. Yet despite the challenges that awaited her, she embraced them and myself with open arms.

My mom as an infant

My mom as an infant

Dad, Mom, & me

Dad, Mom, & me

But what more is there to expect from one of the sweetest people in the world? And trust me – I’m NOT just saying that because she’s my mom. I say it because throughout my life, I’ve seen her put others before herself countless times. She gives so much of herself, and loves so hard, all while expecting nothing in return. Every day she fights through diabetes, thyroid cancer, sleep apnea, and other illness while working an overnight shift at the post office. But you know what? She doesn’t let it stop her. If anything, it seems as if it makes her do more – especially for people who are fighting the same fight with her.

When I discovered I was pregnant with Abby, she pushed through her disappointment to help me and make sure that I was ready for her in the best way possible. And when she was born, she cared for Abby as if she were her own and she still does to this day. I will admit that there have been times I’ve been angry with her because I felt that she was doing too much and not taking care of herself, as she would for others. But then I think about all that she’s done for people and the helping hand she’s extended and how blessed she is because of it.

Abby & my mom

Abby & my mom

It’s because of all that she’s done for myself and others that I realized whether people appreciate her or not, I am extremely lucky to have her as MY mom.

Thank you mom, and I love you…


Peace, Love, Blessings, & Hugs

Freddie G.

One thought on “The Ultimate Wednesday Woman

  1. Sandra Roper Miles says:

    Beautiful Freddie! Your mother is an amazing woman and so is your Grandmother Miss Lorraine. Happy Mother’s Day to you all. They both are some of the most sweetest women that I know. I am forever grateful for them. BLESSINGS AND FAVOUR to you all. Happy Mother’s Day!

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