MINIMALISM: Why I Did It & Where Do You Begin?

Imagine your house is on fire. Other than possibly losing important papers, how would you feel? Or if there was a natural disaster about to happen and you had to evacuate, would you be able to leave everything behind and only take your basic necessities with you? For most people, that would cause them to have a panic attack because of the value that is placed on the things we own.


But for me, this nothing to get worked up about because I’m a minimalist. And the inspiration behind decision was from none other than Ambrosia. Back in October 2014, she uploaded a video entitled “Why I Choose Minimalism” and she spoke about how her family inspired her to become a minimalist. And after watching it, I was inspired to do it, but nothing happened. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until that following summer that I was able to rid myself of 90% of my wardrobe. Now, I still possessed a ton of clutter throughout my house, but I knew that clearing out my wardrobe was a start!


Fast forward to (almost) a year later, and I’m living much lighter than I ever have before! And I must say that with my second child on the way, this lifestyle is the best way for me to focus more on baby and what I actually need, than wasting time on what I don’t.


Now I’m not saying that everyone should convert to this lifestyle, but at least try it out with your wardrobe (or anything you have an excess of), and see how that works for you! Until next time…



Peace, Love, Blessings, & Hugs

Freddie G.

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