Minimizing My Makeup Collection

Photo Credit: Google

The average woman owns 40 makeup products, yet will only use 5 on a daily basis – meaning that she owns up to eight times more than what she actually uses. And although I have never considered myself “average”, I will say that the number of products I own is halfway there — BEFORE you add in the tools I use. Yet as I’m writing this, I’m making a mental list of what I can purge because I can’t be a minimalist if I’m hoarding things, right?

Before my April 2016 purge! Yikes!

So I gathered all of my cosmetics, counted them, & discovered that I owned 16 products, minus my brush set. And because I consider myself to be a simple (yet complex) woman, this actually isn’t a bad number. Out of the 16, there are 11 I use “everyday”, and 3 of the remaining 5, I have yet to use.

My entire makeup collection (not pictured: my brush set)

By reducing my collection and establishing a routine, I have cut down on the amount of time I used to spend doing makeup in the morning and have been able to use that time towards other things — such as making sure I have everything I need before I walk out of the door.

Yet although I am proud of that, this post isn’t to bash or shame the women (and men) that have a room strictly for makeup they love to  wear, play in, or keep for those “just in case I need this” days. The purpose of this post is to show you what works for me and that it is possible to have less than 100 items for the one face that you have! (lol)

But once again, this is what works for me. Simplifying isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. Yet if you feel up to the challenge, I dare you to figure out what you REALLY need, keep that, & give the rest to someone who could really use it, but may be unable to purchase it. Because in the grand scheme of things, not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good, too, so give it a try!


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