Lovers & Friends

“Wake up!!!!!” was the first message I sent my best friend, Ian, on June 29, 2015 at 11:08 am. Who would’ve thought that a year and a half later I would be calling him the love of my life? Here’s what happened…

When I first saw Ian, we were both working at the post office and his style is what caught my eye. He had blonde dreads hanging from a floral bucket hat with a matching tee, tan cargo shorts, tube socks, and Converse. For some reason, he looked as if he belonged in Cali, skateboarding alongside the beach. But despite the confidence I possessed, I was scared to approach him and kept working instead.

Two or three weeks later, I saw he was working behind me AND wearing an Iron Man shirt, and my first thought was, “Icebreaker!” So I opened my mouth and said, “Give me your shirt!” With a confused look on his face, he gave me an awkward smile, (strongly) said, “No!” and our conversation continued. There were other days we actually worked together and since he seemed like a nice guy, I asked for his number and if we could hang out sometime. Being the loyal gentleman he is, he told me no because he was pursuing someone and didn’t want to come off as disrespectful to them. I said, “That’s cool”, but my mind was saying, “I wish it was me!” *insert crying emoji here*

A few days after we started talking daily…

Fast forward to February 2016 – I had just gotten out of a relationship and as I sat on the phone venting, I realized he was very easy to talk to. And because of our similar relationship issues (and the numerous other things we had in common), I felt that we were going to be great friends. We started talking on the phone more, and before I knew it, we were on the phone for 80% of the day. We were so close that HE gave HIMSELF the title of godfather to my son, Liam.

Ian clamping Liam’s umbilical cord

Holding the little man that brought us closer (Photo Credit: Facebook)

During my pregnancy and the first few months after Liam’s birth, I DEALT WITH A LOT and he was the shoulder I constantly cried on. And when I had to leave my grandmother’s house, he welcomed us into his place with no hesitation and we’ve been there ever since. Yet a month later, my feelings for him started to grow and his were doing the same. Neither of us wanted to admit how we felt and we were also interested in other people, so we just thought sex deprivation was the culprit.

Halloween weekend 2016

On November 4th, we went to see Doctor Strange and after we got back, I offered him a back massage. The whole time I kept thinking, “Kiss him…kiss him…KISS HIM!”, but I chickened out. And to make matters worse, there was someone at work that he was extremely interested in, and I didn’t want to mess up his shot of being with someone that possibly completed him. But I told myself that whether they got together or not, I would never be able to forgive myself if I never took the chance to find out if the feelings were mutual. I mean, there were times I noticed he looked at me a certain way, but this was my BEST FRIEND, so who was I kidding? But on November 14, we lay in bed talking about life and when I laid my head on his chest, I noticed his body became stiff and that he was nervous. I told myself, “This is it! Now or never! Kiss him NOW, Freddie!” And I did! To my surprise he kissed me back, and the rest is history!

My love…

There have been many things that have happened since we’ve been together, but they’ve done nothing but bring us closer and make our bond stronger. And to add to the joy we’re already experiencing, we are expecting our first child together! We may not have it all figured out, but we’re in this together and I wouldn’t have it any other way…


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